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Compliance audits by West Valley Human Resource Consulting can save you thousands of dollars compared to a BOLI or EEOC audit!  It's truly a worthwhile  investment in your business to ensure your employment policies and practices are top notch! 

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Savvy employers value their employees! 

Lift your business reputation as an employer of choice with HR training. 

Using my guidance on best practices for personnel management can infuse your company culture with energy and enthusiasm. 

Training can provide your people with cost-effective professional development opportunities, increasing employee engagement and loyalty to your company! 

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"Need to Know" and Recommended training events:




The Bureau of Labor and Industry's Technical Assistance for Employers Program presents down-to-earth, easy to understand seminars with updates and information on new laws on an ongoing basis.  

For small employers without an in-house HR practitioner, here is an excellent training opportunity you may want to take advantage of: 

The New Supervisor Training Series. This is a set of 6 sessions held in Portland over the span of several months. This series will equip your employee with the basics needed to feel more confident in their personnel management duties. More than that, implementing what is learned through this training can help them handle situations appropriately so you can breathe easier while delegating personnel management to your supervisor.


BOLI TA's training schedule with locations and times, can be found using this link:


FLSA Compliance Videos 

Tired of poring through regulations and dense text trying to determine your legal responsibilities under federal labor law as an employer? The US DOL Wage and Hour Division launched a new series of brief, plain-language videos earlier this year to help explain those responsibilities.  

They cut through the legalese, providing videos as a resource for employers who simply want and need to understand legal requirements. 

Visit  to check out the videos, along with the many other compliance assistance tools.