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Julie has you covered!

With years of experience in the profit and non-profit employment arena, Julie Mitchell brings a fresh perspective by understanding the needs of  upper management, front line supervisors,  office support staff and production personnel.  She has a proven track record of having the ability to be the unbiased middle-man in decision making, taking into consideration every aspect of employment situations. Simultaneously, Julie operates as YOUR representative and backbone as she fulfills your tasks with a servant-leader approach,  building buy-in from your team!

Let's make it happen!

We start with an in-depth conversation to determine your business needs. I provide recommendations on what you should do to move forward in meeting your goals. After we ensure you understand the reasoning behind the steps I outline, YOU decide where to start. 

What are you waiting for?

Give Julie a call or send an email request to find out more and get the conversation started. Much less costly than litigation or hiring an in-house HR practitioner. 

Connecting with Julie could be the starting point for attaining your goals!

HR: Where people, passion, and policy intersect!

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Stay in the forefront by managing your people well!

Are you in compliance with Oregon's Equal Pay Act? 

With decisions driven by advancements in technology and ever-changing legal requirements, now more than ever, it's vital for employers to intelligently manage their human resources. 

Pro bono guidance for employers of less than one year. Call to chat!

Organizational development and change management:  

Has your organization been in operation for many years and you now realize the need to make major changes to maintain a commanding position within your industry? How will you keep your employees engaged? When change is handled well, employees become excited to share in your business' growth!

I can help you reach your business goals!

Learn more!
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Focus on your business!

Based in McMinnville, Oregon, professional HR help is only a call away! Much of our communication can be done online, eliminating time and travel expenses.  

  • One-on-one mentoring for your in-house HR practitioner
  • Policies & practices
  • Position descriptions
  • Training & development
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment strategies & on-boarding
  • Organizational Development & Change Management 

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Why West Valley Human Resource Consulting LLC?

Small employers are exceptionally busy people with little time to read up on the latest employment law changes.  

This brings about sad results when a disgruntled employee files a lawsuit.

Learn what it takes to avoid this by leaning on my guidance!

What you can expect:

  • Servant-leadership Approach
  • Management and staff training 
  • Demonstration of best practices in personnel management
  • Detailed, yet clear and simple explanations on implementing employment law 

Let West Valley Human Resource Consulting be 

an invaluable asset to your business success! 

West Valley Human Resource Consulting LLC is not a resource for legal counsel, nor a staffing agency, payroll service, or COBRA/benefits third party administrator.

Let's talk about how my expertise can help your business!

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Focus on growing your business with professional Human Resource management!

Here to support your strategic business goals, I can help you cultivate your business, taking you from great to excellent! 

Connect today to discuss options:  

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Privacy Notice: Your privacy is respected. Your email or other identifying information will never be shared with anyone outside of this organization.  

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